Scrum.Org PSPO I Assessment Open to the Public

PSPO I - Scrum.ORgThe team at Scrum.Org recently announced that the Professional Scrum Product Owner I assessment can now be taken by anyone who wishes to attempt it - without the requirement of first attending a class. This was the last assessment that required course participation for Scrum.Org, making them the only major Scrum organization that does not require class participation to attempt all of their assessment.

Anyone who feels they possess the understanding of Scrum and product ownership, and how they would respond to real situations that would challenge them can validate that knowledge by taking the PSPO I assessment from Those who pass the assessment with a minimal score of 85% receive the industry recognized PSPO I Certification of that knowledge.

As guidance, provided subject area recommendations for those opting for the self-study route. However, as someone who has taken the PSPO I and scored a 95% on it, I would highly recommend taking the class. The role of the Product Owner (PO) is a complicated one, and having two days of professional instruction and class driven discussions on the various topics and issues that PO’s face is invaluable. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take Dr. Charles Suscheck’s¬†Scrum.Org PSPO course and highly recommend it for those looking to understand value, where to find it, and how to make sure to capture it.

The PSPO I assessment is more difficult than the PSM I exam and requires a focus on value and product backlog management. It does take different tools and thinking to maximize the value of the work that the development team is doing, so preparation is necessary to do well. However, most will find that the assessment is a very satisfying experience that everyone now has the opportunity to enjoy.